10 Ways to Crush Your Fitness Goals And Stay Healthy

1- Take full responsibility for your actions.


No time, bad weather, laziness, we all find excuses and reasons sometimes to not tackle our goals or daily tasks. When it comes to exercise, that's where excuses start to kick off even faster. The truth is when we feel tired, we tend to do less and the less we do, the more tired we are. Have you heard the saying "If you need something urgently done, give the task to the busiest person?" It's true and you are probably asking yourself how do we go about being exceptionally productive and don’t burn out at the same time?  

The answer to this is simple. We have to prioritize tasks and goals that give us the most results and the biggest outcome. If your goal this year is to get fit and eat healthier, it's a good idea to prioritize your exercising and cooking time every week. Commit that 1-1.30 hours of your daily time to these important goals you set and things will start falling into the right place. Eventually, it's going to become your daily habit. Many studies have shown that it takes 21 days to build a habit, so you know where to start.

Memberships in the gym are overrated. If you don't have the ability to get one, you still can get everything done without a membership. Running, swimming, cycling usually doesn't cost you money. If you are interested in home workout equipment, there are a lot of exercises you can do at home without breaking the bank on the gym equipment! We highly recommend you try our Premium Ab Roller Set that comes with the jump rope and a knee mat.  To learn more about it refer to the bottom of this page.


2. Set progressive and positive goals.


Short-term and long-term goals are necessary steps to your success. We are challenging you to start setting your goals daily. If you don't know where to start, start small. Short term goals are a great way to be in full control of your schedule and life. However, it's also important to have a long-term vision.

Your goals should be defined in a positive way so that you perceive them as motivating and engaging. It's crucial to speak positively to yourself on a daily basis and to have the confidence you need. 


3. Visualize your goals.


Your friends or coworkers started noticing your improvements and body transformation. You are getting compliments. You are confident in yourself and looks and your mindset is strong. You're in good shape and it shows! Focus on the result you want to achieve rather than on the tasks you have to perform. Our state of mind feeds off the thoughts and emotions we experience most. Learn to program your mind to what you want to achieve. This will fill you with enthusiasm and satisfaction. Do you think this kind of emotion will help you take action?

Finally, know that if you don't have a clear picture of your goal, you will always be knocking on the door and you will be disappointed. This will only hurt your self-esteem once again and diminish your chances of success.Visualize yourself when you have reached your goal as specific as possible: What do you see? The perfect body you always dreamed of and full confidence in yourself. Write down the feelings that stimulate you: pride, satisfaction, joy... The more you think what you want to accomplish the more likely you will accomplish that.


4. Be in the moment.

One of the most important things you can do for your life in general is to be physically, emotionally, and mentally present, fully focused on the now. "I am busy" is a new trend. We tend to reward multitasking and the opportunities for distraction are never-ending. Make sure to always live in the moment and finish one goal or task at a time. The power of being able to finish your tasks from start to finish is enormous. If you can be one of these people that can stay focused and disciplined, you can instantly gain an unfair advantage over others in the world we live in today. Also, it’s easy to blend past and future with the present, which is why it’s so important to focus on the present and let go of the past.


5. Be as productive as possible.

Are you busy or productive? We are all busy and caught up in our daily routine, but you will be surprised how much more productive you can be when you start paying attention to small things. Minimize your preparation and travel time and maximize the time you spend on doing stuff. This can be done by reducing the minutes you spend moving from point A to point B, changing quickly, and having a plan of what you'll be doing as a workout (improvise as little as possible!). Make sure that in the end, you spent more time doing than overthinking.


6. Be specific.

Many people go to the gym without clear goals. These people come in, start working, but don't really know if they want. Do you want to lose 10 pounds of fat, gain 2 pounds of muscle or run a marathon faster? Setting small specific goals on a daily basis will have the biggest impact on your success. Let's say you want to lose 10 pounds of fat. That's a relatively long-term goal. To get there, you know you need to do 2 cardio sets every week and avoid sweets. Each step may seem like a small step, but all the small efforts will add up to a big result over time. Whether you want a bigger bicep, a flat stomach, or toned thighs, you need to set short-term goals that will lead to long-term success.


7. Choose an activity you like.

The simplest way to achieve your fitness goals is to practice the sports you love. By doing what you love, you don't count the time. You invest in yourself and things move naturally. You become good at it, you gain confidence and your body will transform (of course healthy eating is part of the equation).

If you’re not really sure about what type of exercise you’d enjoy, this is the perfect time to try new things and to explore your talents. It is important to step out of your comfort zone and find out what you’re good at and what you truly like.


 8. Don't overdo it.


Often times, when we put a new target in front of us we can get very excited and do just a bit too much. Unless you have the iron-will and motivation to do so, it's a bad idea. It is a smart idea to start slowly if you haven’t exercised in years. You can start with 2 or 3 sessions a week and build your way up. 

There's nothing to stop you from picking up the pace once you've got the hang of it. If you are more experienced, find a routine and balance that you can stick with. Remember, constancy is key. 


9. Change your routine when needed.

To help you stay motivated, change your routine from time to time. Sometimes the gym or our daily routines get draining. If you have been following your exercise routine for 5-6 weeks, it's a good idea to take a few days or even a week off and reset.

When you come back from a short break, you can start a new routine of exercise. Things will be exciting again and you will feel fresh. By doing so, you will achieve your most unattainable goals.


10. Limit distractions.

Don't let distractions keep you from achieving your fitness goals. When it's training time, you are training but not checking your Facebook or messages. Being laser-focused will serve you extremely well. If you decide to do two beneficial things at the same time, such as reading a book while cycling, make sure that this combination does not affect the quality of your workout.

Give 100% at all times and you will feel good about yourself and see true results soon. Be patient! Results will come with time and hard work. It's all about staying consistent and determined. Just keep in mind that with constant effort, slowly but surely you will accomplish what you put in front of you. Don’t forget to enjoy the journey... It's not about the destination, it's about the process. 


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